Atomic empowers your team to maximize revenue and prevent build up of slow-moving inventory.

Atomic automates demand forecasting and inventory replenishment, freeing up your team to focus on responding to changes across your supply chain.

Step into real time insights into your inventory position.


Atomic customers get immediate visibility into inventory position, down to the item/order level, including a forecasted sold/delivered date. With highly visible data, your team can take action to reduce aging inventory and avoid stock outs right away.

Visibility into every unit of inventory, including its predicted sold-on date.

An optimized plan for what products to produce or procure at the SKU level.

Ability to re-run the full model at any frequency so you can adjust instantly to changing conditions and new objectives.

Hands on support from our team of expert Demand Planners and Data Scientists.

Assisted decision making on an atomic level. 

Atomic operates from the unit level of demand and supply in a powerful, simulation-based model of the business. The Atomic system incorporates three core modules - Demand, Supply, and Finance.

Each module operates at the ‘atomic’ level - creating queues for demand (orders) and supply (inventory) at the most granular planning level - often by SKU and distribution node.

By managing at the atomic level, each of these thousands of queues can be rebalanced to changes in real time. The result? Your team gets a complete plan down to the unit level - automatically sweeping away aging inventory through optimized allocation and re-order decisions.

Atomic can then simulate and score thousands of scenarios - enabling your team to pick the best path forward every time. No matter if a supplier can’t provide as much as expected or if logistics capacity changes, or sales suddenly soften - it’s all good. Instantly identify which orders and inventory to prioritize, how to rebalance, and how to adapt your procurement or production plans.



What orders will we receive on an order level?
What will happen in different scenarios?



When should we reorder? 
How much should we reorder?



What orders will we receive on an order level?
What will happen in different scenarios?


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