We have been working on this problem for a while. Below is a collection of our thoughts.

March 26, 2024
2 min read

Your forecast doesn’t matter (as much as you think)

“That’s the best we can do for forecast accuracy - and this is really overfitting it”“Ok then. I guess we’re all getting fired”It was late 2017, in less than a year we would be delivering thousands of Model 3s every week - with a very clear objective of no inventory build up or excess wait times for …
March 22, 2024
1 min read

Food rots while apparel goes out of style  

Food rots while apparel goes out of style  - a simple difference that drives totally different inventory planning needs. For planners who cut their teeth in apparel before joining food & beverage companies, the shift can be jarring. The Advantages: Relatively Stable Demand. People gotta eat! Aggregate F&B demand is more consistent with replenishment/subscription models rather than …
March 19, 2024
2 min read

I’m Sick of this Sheet! When is it time to invest in planning software?

For most companies, inventory management starts simple - a few spreadsheets to track stock levels and do basic forecasting.  But as your business grows more complex, maintaining those worksheets becomes a full-time job (in addition to everything else your team is doing!) Here are 7 signs it may be time to graduate to a dedicated supply planning …


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