Take control of your inventory.

Atomic’s software platform automates your supply planning. Optimize your inventory turns with results in a month.


Is Atomic for your company?

I want to optimize inventory turns and working capital
Atomic's engine is configured to the specifics of your business generating an automatic supply plan and financial forecast.

“We’re  improving turns, improving in-stock rate. The impact we’re seeing makes it a no brainer.”
I want to free up the team’s time from spreadsheets and guesswork
Atomic empowers your team with software to seamlessly manage the general planning of the business, and focus on bigger picture priorities.

"Atomic took our planning process from siloed Excel workbooks to a single connected platform driving all reporting, planning and operations."
I want to avoid an expensive and long implementation
Atomic gets you results within a month at a fraction of the cost of a typical ERP.

"Thank you guys so much. We had been trying to put these analytical capabilities in place for years. You did it in a month." 

Immediate Impact

"Coming into this year, we made it our mission to automate the spreadsheet work and let the team focus more on insights and actions.

Now we can bridge the gap from data that is inherently messy in our ERP and Google Sheets."



Chad Brinton
SVP Operations, Made In

Made In is a fast growing, digitally native cookware brand based in Austin, TX. The company was founded in 2017 and has rapidly scaled.



50% Inventory Turns Improvement
Optimized purchase order plan and safety stock levels.



20+ Hours Per Month Saved
Automated demand simulation and purchase plan generation.



Data Quality and Accuracy
Clean data pipelines remove planning errors caused by spreadsheets.


From Reactive to Proactive


Connect your planning with Atomic. Your demand forecast flows directly into a supply plan, which instantly feeds into a financial forecast for your business.

This is no black box - your team controls the configuration and settings so the plan flows from the people who know your business best.



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